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We believe that because Andrea’s birthday is in early January, this picture was taken at the party.

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Paul Potts: Winner of Britain's Got Talent, inspiration of movie One Chance, Songs: "Sweeter Than Fiction" Ronan Thompson: Little boy who died of cancer, Taylor met his mom through her blog, Songs: "Ronan" Scott Brochetta: (@scottborchetta) Taylor's manager at Big Machine Records, Songs: "Change", "Untouchable" Selena Gomez: (@selenagomez) Best friends since 2007, Songs: "22" Scott Swift: Taylor's dad, Songs: "The Best Day", "Sad Beautiful Tragic" Stephen Barker Liles: (@Stephen BLiles), Crush of Taylor's, toured with her, Songs: "Hey Stephen" Taylor Lautner: Ex-boyfriend of Taylor's, dated July 2009 to December 2009, Songs: "Back to December" Taylor Swift: (@taylorswift13) Self, Songs: "The Outside", "Place In This World", "Change","Fifteen", "Never Grow Up","The Lucky One" , "Stay Stay Stay", "Sad Beautiful Tragic", "Shake It Off", "Clean" Will Anderson: (@willyj1234) Taylor's friend.

Because I used gifs from everywhere, it was hard to keep track of who they belong to.

The (x) after the date of the event is the specific tag I have for it.

A few videos leaked in early 2016, and they contained unseen interactions between Karlie and Taylor. Karlie at Andrea’s Birthday Party - January 2014During the secret sessions in 2014, fans reported that there was a picture of Karlie, Taylor, and Andrea with a cake hanging up, and they were all in winter attire.

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Karlie’s Birthday - August 3rd, 2014Taylor posted the picture below for Karlie’s birthday (x)Living Together Rumors - August 13th, 2014In August, rumors began circulating that Karlie and Taylor were living with one another.Some of us believe the Rolling Stones article Taylor did where she showed Karlie had her own bedroom (lol we all know where she really stays) is what sparked the rumors.

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