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12-Mar-2016 02:58

Officers then deployed their tasers, using them to remove Outlaw from the vehicle.

Outlaw was eventually charged with operating under the influence, driving without a license, and two counts of resisting and obstructing causing injury.

Around am on July 4th, 16-year-old Mikayla Outlaw was stopped for speeding by Portage police.

The officer’s camera shows the officer speaking to her for several minutes, during which Outlaw stated she, “Didn’t do anything,” and later begins yelling and refusing to get out of the vehicle. “At one point, she indicated she didn’t have a driver’s license, which is an arrestable offense,” said Portage Public Safety Senior Deputy Chief Nick Armold.

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The video eventually shows Outlaw getting pulled from the car where she began throwing her elbow into an officer, taking both of them to the ground.

“You have a lady that is totally uncooperative, violent, you have three more people in the car,” Armold said.

You can see the video of Mikayla Outlaw’s arrest on WWMT’s website: HERE Portage Public Safety did an internal use of force review, and all officers were found to be in compliance with their department’s policy.Once again we have a case of alleged police brutality, where an offender – playing the victim – tries to blemish an officer, but when the whole story comes out it turns out the officer did everything right after all.“Our officers behaved in a professional manner and kept their cool in a really stressful situation.” Officers then had to get out of the way as Outlaw’s mother arrived on scene, driving recklessly, in an attempt to help her daughter.Outlaw then grabbed her phone and got back in the car.

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Good job to the officers involved for keeping their cool in a tense situation and for not giving this attention-seeker anything to use against them.No Name Teen Camp is for teens that are looking for new and exciting things to do this summer.

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