Testing and updating the plan

07-May-2016 03:18

Find out about strategies for testing, evaluating and updating your risk management plan and your business continuity plan.

Your risk management plan should be part of a broader business continuity plan that includes strategies for responding to and recovering from incidents if they do happen.

You will need to test, evaluate and update your risk management plan regularly as risks can change as your business, your industry and the environment you operate in change.

Regularly reviewing your risk management plan is essential for identifying new risks and monitoring the effectiveness of your risk treatment strategies.

Such a plan, ordinarily documented in written form, specifies procedures an organization is to follow in the event of a disaster.

It is "a comprehensive statement of consistent actions to be taken before, during and after a disaster." The disaster could be natural, environmental or man-made.

Preparing an incident response plan and a recovery plan as part of your overall business continuity plan can help you deal with these situations if they happen.

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The primary objective is to protect the organization in the event that all or part of its operations and/or computer services are rendered unusable.The plan minimizes the disruption of operations and ensures that some level of organizational stability and an orderly recovery after a disaster will prevail.

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