Texting and dating tips for women

03-Oct-2015 09:58

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It would be a big shame for you to lose contact because he couldn't contact you and you were sticking to the 'rules'.

Likewise if you don't hear back it can be frustrating not to know what's happening and whether or not he is interested.

When to Text The first question many women ask is when to text the guy.

The perception is that texting too early could be seen as over-eager and impatient, but at the same time not texting at all might mean that you lose the momentum and that you come across as not interested.

You need to establish and maintain contact, but at the same time you have to avoid making too much contact and coming across as overly eager or even desperate which can of course be highly off putting. We've already established that the date must have gone basically well, or at least from your perspective.

However you need to also ask yourself just how well it went.

If you slept together for instance then you are suddenly permitted to be far more close and presumptuous in texts, and if you stayed round without sleeping together that still gives you license to text more quickly and act more 'coupley'.

If the date was just a quick meeting in a caf or pub then you probably won't be particularly close yet and you should still act more like you did prior to the date.

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So you've had your first date and it all seemed to go well.At least it's safe to presume it went well, as otherwise you probably wouldn't need to be reading this article it's very easy to know what to do after a date went badly.