The 80 20 rule in dating

25-Jun-2016 19:48

This belief also would support the 80/20 I wrote up some simple statistics stuff that supports that both of the above are connected but it ended up getting too complicated and would have probably been flamed by some big shot Stats PHD student telling me my notation is wrong or some bull**** like that.But if you really think about it, the two are directly connected and it makes sense.

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I would say rather that a small percentage of men (not necessarily 20%) have the BALLS to talk to/date/sleep with hot chicks; simply because males nowadays are so fuking caught up with themselves and their own insecurities that they have no idea how to make themselves attractive to women, and so they fall by the wayside. Like when guys who want girls badly don't get them but the guys who aren't very interested get them but are not happy because, well, they aren't very interested?

Being young myself, I can say this is 100% true, although I'm not affected myself...