The bob jones policy on interracial dating

20-Sep-2015 20:13

This is the crux of the issue Bob Jones University faces today.

"Neither petitioner qualifies as a tax-exempt organization...[i]t would be wholly incompatible with the concepts underlying tax exemption to grant tax-exempt status to racially discriminatory private educational entities.

The First Amendment gives Bob Jones University the freedom to create policies and guidelines under which we operate. Bob Jones University is a 73-year-old institution grounded in academic excellence and Biblical doctrine.

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Bob Jones University firmly believes in freedom of speech and freedom of religion -- a tenet of America which we must all work together to uphold and defend. Everyone has the right under the Constitution to believe and practice his faith even when his faith may be out of sync with another's belief.They stated that there was a lack of proof of "irreparable injury." Justice Powell wrote the decision.