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DJ Paul and Da Mafia 6ix (formerly Three Six Mafia) have recognized the group’s brilliance since their first collaboration over a decade ago, and this fall, Da Mafix 6ix and ICP united to become a supergroup called the Killjoy Club.In early September Psycopathic released the group’s first album, , and this week the crew embarked on a tour across America.They jumped all over our songs, and then we did the hooks up the way we wanted them, and then we jumped all over their tracks. How did you end up working with them in the first place? The coolest thing about them was way back in [the late 90s] they were the first established group to ever reach out to us and ask us to be on a song—pretty much they’re still the only group that’s ever reached out and asked us to be on a song.We get tons of offers from groups who are much smaller than us, but never somebody who was actually out there nationwide like that. It was always an idea we had—we were always like, . Then I started talking to DJ Paul: “Why don’t we really do it?How did this process change when you collaborated with Da Mafia 6ix on?[Da Mafia 6ix] flew to Detroit and we went to my studio—which is out in the woods, we call it Rusty’s Boom Room—and we spent three days together recording on each other’s songs. I remember when I picked them up from the airport, I was playing the songs, and they were digging ‘em and telling me which ones they liked and which ones they weren’t really feeling, and everybody just kinda jumped.

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Today, 18 likeminded artists belong to the Psychopathic roster, and tens of thousand of ecstatic fans make an annual pilgrimage to the Gathering of the Juggalos.

The way we do will be like this: We’ll make half the record using our tracks in the way we make records with our producers, and you guys make the other half.” And when we did it, it’s really cool.

Violent J: We have a number of producers who we use. We did most of the Killjoy Club record with Seven’s beat because at the time Seven was freed up—he wasn’t working with Tech N9ne—so he was sending over crazy beats.

Once we get the [beats], Shaggy and me lay down our idea of what the song’s gonna be about and the concept, and then we come up with a hook, like a scratch hook to use until we get together with them.

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I know a little something about ICP and juggalos, so I called Violent J to talk about the new album, songcraft, and the similarities between his group and John Cougar Mellencamp.

VICE: What’s your approach to writing and producing a song? When we do a Joker Card album, which is our heart and soul, we put everything we have into it—we have different producers who we use.