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15-Jan-2015 20:32

According to Aronin, “The single most important thing you do as an entrepreneur is hire your team.” He went on to say that the first 10-20 employees of a startup are arguably more risk-tolerant than founders, because they are quitting more stable jobs to chase Rishi asked Jeff why, after selling Ovation, did he decide to use the same business model again with Marathon? To Jeff, the answer was self-evident: once he had found a profitable way to improve health outcomes for patients with rare diseases, he never wanted to do anything else.(as appearing on Medium: By all statistical demographic accounts, I should be a Donald Trump supporter. They don’t deserve to be led by a man that would grope not only their bodies, but their spirits.The doctor had few options to stop the seizures other than to remove a portion of the child’s brain.

Marathon develops, manufactures, and commercializes drugs for patients with rare diseases, also called “orphan drugs”.Before founding Marathon, Aronin served as CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Lundbeck for 0M in 2009.Aronin discovered his passion for pharmaceuticals while shadowing a physician.The doctor was treating an epileptic pediatric patient having regular seizures.

series: he invests in talented people who are solving real problems, and believes everything else will fall into place.

He also stressed that while capital structure is important to healthcare ventures, the customer population should define a firm’s strategy, not the capital.