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06-Dec-2014 17:30

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As Ted continues to focus on his relationship, he goes back to the married couple for advice and realizes that Marshall is becoming a sassier version of Lily.

She’s been training him to meddle in relationships, and he is good at it.

They insist she’s dropping hints that she wants a commitment.

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This episode continued the trend of the character being absolutely adorable and saving dull moments of the show and making them stand out.Speaking of Barney, his plot this week was another one that turned an episode about a serious topic into a comedic one.The show is terrific for many reasons, but the relationship rules it comes up with (the hot/crazy scale, The Platinum Rule, etc.) are an added bonus.They help bring viewers into the group dynamic, and we feel a part of their inner circle.

When How I Met Your Mother promises something, the show always delivers.“The Autumn of Break-Ups” was hinted at near the beginning of the season and it finally comes to the forefront.