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16-Dec-2015 01:10

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Meeting real people in real life is still the best way to be social and interactive. This doesn’t mean that online dating is a bad thing. Using online dating correctly means using it as a SUPPLEMENT to your dating/social life.

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If you are looking to meet wonderful, beautiful people who are compatible to you listen closely. It is not about the perfect lighting for your photograph. These things are all necessary but the secret is that they are SECONDARY.The secret to online dating (and dating in general) is to be a genuinely attractive person. If you are a unemployed couch-potato with no hobbies and few friends, do you think you will be able to have much success with online dating?Chances are this person’s mindset would lead them to write a profile that radiates desperation and negativity.Even if they did write a stellar profile description, things would not turn out well once they actually met up with their date.

If you have followed any of our previous posts you will recognize or story of Paul’s quest to create the best dating profile.The last post showed examples of how to add some spice to your profile and take it from boring to interesting. We are not trying to tell you that all of your interests are boring, or that you absolutely have to ditch your stamp collection and volunteer for a political campaign or something.