Things that i would before dating you

06-Jul-2016 15:04

You can learn the inside jokes, too, and your boyfriend will feel closer to you for it.Befriending the other women who work there also reduces the chances that they’ll hit on your boyfriend.You may think at first that what goes on at the bar doesn’t bother you. If he seems distracted when you try to vent to him, know he’s not a jerk. If you hang out with your bartender boyfriend when he’s closing out the bar and tallying up his credit card tips, you might see these phone numbers. There will be women who come to the bar every week or even every day, hoping that your boyfriend will fall in love with them. It’s the only way you’ll get quality time together.

Bartenders (particularly cute ones) lead a unique lifestyle.In the end, if you know you can trust your boyfriend, it doesn’t matter if he’s a bartender or a stripper.