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10-Jan-2016 18:32

Throughout her investigation, Sam becomes more entrenched in the world of high-flying finance and finds herself attracted to the very thing Naomi eventually seeks to distance herself from.

attorney’s office, secretly investigating a former college friend, now successful investment banker Naomi Bishop (Anna Gunn).

We were talking about a lot of other things, and she read a book, and it’s all about this woman who falls in love with money.

The book is essentially a biography that’s this love story between her and money.

Alysia and Sarah came up with the concept for the film and employed playwright Amy Fox to pen the screenplay, bringing on filmmaker Meera Menon to direct.

is all about the women who are hungry for money and power, which is something we never see in Wall Street films, despite the popularity of their themes on screen.

AR: I think that’s actually something Amy, our writer, brought to the table.

She read this book while we were doing the research and she said, “I really want to explore this with these characters.” Specifically with my character in that I’m the “good guy” and she gets a little seduced by money and is that a bad thing?