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Unformatted text preview: Transgender Should it be listed as a mental disorder?

AHLT 111 Introduction to Health Care Jenny Gainer October 22, 2012 Overview What is transgender Why an ethical issue Statistics Laws Pros/Cons Impact on health care History Cases My opinion References Questions What is Transgender?

11) • Listing transgender in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) actually helps with specific legal and medical arguments. Overtime the gap between the reported numbers of MTF and FTM transsexuals is closing • Without health insurance MTF 52% FTM 41% (Transgender, 2011) Laws • Equality Act • The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 • The Sex Discrimination (gender reassignment) Regulation of 1999 • The Sex Discrimination Regulation of 2008 • Gender Recognition Act of 2004 Pros & Cons Pros • Makes the person feel better about themselves • Lead a happier life • They’ve lived with the idea that they’re trapped in the wrong body for years and it gives them the chance to change • New life and new start Cons • Effect their friends and family, hard time adjusting to their new lifestyle • Deal with the stress relating to whether or not they tell new people in their life about the past; dating • Experience struggles in learning how to live in the new gender • Pain caused by surgery Impact on Health Care Inclusive Office Practices: •Gender neutral bathrooms •Intake forms •Use gender neutral language •Lack of health care coverage •Focus on body parts the patient has •Don’t judge, observe History • 2001­San Francisco becomes the first US.

city to offer its employees health care coverage for transgender related medical needs • 2005­ California passes a law prohibiting health, disability, and life insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of gender identity • 2006­ 67 companies provide full gender identity related health coverage Cases • Gender not a disorder, court told: Psychologist testifies in hormone case • Kantaras vs.

from " Issues of GID Diagnosis for Transsexual Women and Men.

Sometimes I get emails from crossdreamers and transsexuals, letters that tell a life story in all its complexity. I hope you can give both me and "Annie" your input. Annie writes: As you and others mentioned in your blog throughout primary school and high school I was frequently harassed and bullied. My sexual fantasies, which were sometimes intense, did not impel me to have sex with a woman but rather to become a girl, wear certain clothes, or be in a submissive but non-sexual situation. I went though a series of somewhat melodramatic crushes on girls, usually people I hardly actually ever talked to. Growing up I gradually came to realize I was a lot different from most other guys.

In hindsight I think this was basically because I did not know how to exhibit male traits in interactions with other boys. My fantasies were not exactly about becoming a girl but submissive aspects connected to this. I would go though long fantasy scenarios in my mind. This especially became apparent in late high school and college.

Many young boys are constantly playing at power struggles with each other. Guys would spend hours talking about their sexual experiences. I thought my incident was the result of shyness and my inability to meet girls.

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• Some argue that transgender is a mental disorder, others state it is a product of the environment in which a person is raised (Transgender, 2010, para. Statistics • An estimated 2 to 5% of the population is transgender • The number of people who identify as transsexual and undergo sex reassignment surgery is smaller • From the Netherlands: About 1 in 12,000 natal males undergo sex reassignment surgery and about 1 in 34,000 natal females. Retrieved from " Transgender People." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. I was never interested in sex, although ironically I had a strong sex drive.