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26-Sep-2016 01:08

Now, before I get flamed for trying to prove "that Triple H doesn't love Stephanie" or "He uses his power" and all that other BS...I just saw a recent article and thought I'd post it here. The widespread belief that Paul Levesque is unscrupulous and power hungry has provoked much skepticism over the sincerity of his feelings towards World Wrestling Entertainment creative chief Stephanie Mc Mahon, who ultimately became his wife and mother of his children.At least I haven't got to be around Triple H no more." When "HUNTOR" was also transferred to Smack Down from Raw later in the draft, the Raw roster survivor hilariously recalled his response as:"Yes! " It was my favorite draft pick, to be honest with you."Orton stated earlier in the interview that he kept track of his friends' matches during his hiatus from a broken collarbone (naming Umaga and Carlito), but not those featuring Trips."... I'll watch some of the guys, like Umaga and Carlito, who are good friends of mine," Orton said."Triple H not so much."Article from PWPix(dot)net Now, I'm not gonna speculate on anything because quite frankly I only know what I see on TV and what I hear from different wrestlers in media interviews. I don't doubt that he said it because in a 2006 interview I can find he mocked DX calling HBK "bald" and Triple H "fat" and said HBK was cool "when I was in 7th grade".All, I'm saying is that I'm not gonna dispute anything at all because that former WWE writer has a helluva lot more credibility than me when it comes to the backstage atmosphere in WWE. People need to give up this "Triple H is power hungry" bullcrap. Even he said in a recent interview that he will probably never wrestle anything CLOSE to a full time wrestling schedule and it will probably be just a handful of events a year unless something like an injury happens to a top star and WWE needs him. Yeah, these "old" WWE guys suuuuuuure are ruining WWE by trying to get "power" and hold onto their "spots". So full of youth, in fact, that at times it almost hurts it's CREDIBILITY.If you guys are right, and all this "power" Triple H has is all he cares all Triple H's "power" bad for WWE when the guy is hardly ever going to be on TV? People on the internet seem to hate everything that is "established", but sometimes you need a guy like Undertaker or Triple H just to give the show a guy with a track record instead of a show full of rookies that haven't developed themselves yet.

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I caught Triple H watching Stephanie nuzzled into her father like a baby, and, lemme tell you, the look I saw wasn't a look of love.This would have been up for discussion before they had kids, but he is a father now, a family man.