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01-Nov-2014 00:28

I have so many different stories, some strange, some humorous.Clients will come to me and say, "My staff and I are all confused.So I gathered evidence of what she was up to and showed them. People have a lot of problems in India’s big cities.They were so thankful to me and told me I could be a spy. In 30 years I've uncovered many secrets, anything from a murder mystery to the affairs of celebrities or drug addicted kids in affluent families.My husband left home wearing a blue shirt and suddenly he changes his mind to wear a white shirt! ” There was once a woman who could not afford my services.Detectives were mainly gents, ex-military men who started their own security agencies.So people always asked, how could a woman be a private eye?A friend of mine was up to no good in college and her parents were distressed, worrying what she was up to.

More and more I deal in pre- and post- marital investigations. On Facebook and dating sites, it’s difficult to know the truth and so many get trapped by this.

Every client thinks the problem is unique to them, they don’t realise how it’s happening to thousands of others. As a love detective, I see human nature, warts and all.

I have been called a God, Lady Durga, even Lady James Bond, but I like to call myself India’s first lady detective.

When I started out, there was no such thing as a lady detective in India.

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But a woman’s weakness is also her strength and in this job it pays to be underestimated.I can go undercover, talk to neighbours and enter homes because people are less suspicious of a woman and share their information easily. I slowly got drawn into this job while at university.