Tunis dating

19-Sep-2016 09:04

Tunisia is the most Westernized state in North Africa.It maintains strong ties with France, the colonizing power from 1881 to 1956.More than 60,000 Tunisians joined the French army to fight in Europe in World War I (1914–18).The Tunisian and foreign companies and the professional visitors have made these meetings an excellent business hub.Tunisia is one of the countries forming the Maghrib, the western part of North Africa.In 1574, Muslim troops loyal to the Ottoman Empire (based in present-day Turkey) finally established rule over Tunis, and maintained it for 300 years.The French seized control of Tunisia in 1881, establishing a protectorate in 1883.The exhibitions organized by the The International Tunisian Fairs Company concern all economic sectors.

The various nomadic peoples who first settled the area came to be called Berbers.Roman, Greek, Byzantine, and Arab conquerors all attempted to defeat or assimilate the Berbers into their cultures, with varying degrees of success.Technical departments of The International Tunisian Fairs Company master a high expertise that enables exhibitors and organizers to have a comprehensive range of services and effective solutions for successful participation.The leading organizer of trade fairs in Tunisia: The International Tunisian Fairs Company organized twenty events per year: General events of all kinds, trade exhibitions, business conventions, conferences and symposia .

The leading organizer of trade fairs and the first provider of space in Tunisia The International Tunisian Fairs Company is the owner of the Exhibition and International Trade Center of Tunis which covers 18 hectares in the heart of Tunis with 40,000 m² of covered exhibition space and 15000m ² of outdoor space.

The Exhibition and Trade Center has a suitable infrastructure tailored to the needs of professional exhibitions and public events.

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