Two dissociable updating processes in working memory

08-Oct-2016 15:43

Participants were instructed to update their working memory with the information in the second array.The second array differed from the first one in all, some, or none of the items.Experiment 2 also revealed two distinct updating-related ERP components, observed in both contralateral and ipsilateral visual hemifields.

two dissociable updating processes in working memory-17

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Two experiments are reported, using set-sizes of six and two items, respectively.Working memory (WM) enables the robust maintenance of information over time, as well as updating the stored information according to new input (e.g., Frank, Loughry, & O'Reilly, 2001).This component was interpreted as reflecting attention to task-relevant information rather than the updating process per se.The finding of item-specific updating supports discrete-item architecture models of working memory.

An updating version of a visual change detection paradigm was used to investigate the behavioral outcomes and event-related potential (ERP) correlates of visual working memory updating.

In each trial, participants were either presented with a memory array followed by a test probe, or with two successive memory arrays.

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