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28-Jul-2015 01:09

It was the natural direction for the internet to go in. Just as the solution to the social alienation caused by everybody having their own private car is not more electric vehicles.

Just as the solution to the social alienation caused by everyone having their own cell phone to stare at is not a collectively-owned phone company.

I can see the look on many of your faces, and hear the thoughts. Yes, I know it’s a massive corporation, but it’s the platform we’re all using. After all the independent cafes have been driven out of town and you’re an espresso addict, what to do? First of all, Facebook killed the internet, but if it wasn’t Facebook, it would have been something else.

But I think any solution has to start with solidly identifying the nature of the problem.

A tiny, tiny fraction of the population were authors or journalists who had a public forum that way on an occasional or a regular basis, depending.

We throw around phrases like “Facebook revolution” and we hail these new internet platforms that are bringing people together all over the world.

I’ll start by saying that I don’t know what the solution is.The evolution of social media was probably as inevitable as the development of cell phones that could surf the internet. The solution is not better social media, better algorithms, or social media run by a nonprofit rather than a multibillion-dollar corporation.Many people from the grassroots to the elites are thrilled about the social media phenomenon.Surely some of the few people who will read this are among them.

But we should understand the nature of what is happening to us.

From the time that newspapers became commonplace up until the early 1990’s, for the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population, the closest we came to writing in a public forum were the very few of us who ever bothered to write a letter to the editor.

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