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devolving certain areas of government to the component countries of the UK: a separate Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly were established following referendums in the countries concerned.

Ireland already had its Assembly, although this was not in operation (see below under Northern Ireland).

The UK is a signatory of the European Convention of Human Rights, and this has recently been incorporated into UK law with the passing of the Human Rights Act 1998.

She has written extensively on the subject in the Law Librarian and other publications.

She was on the editorial committee of Moys Classification for Legal Materials and contributed to the 3rd edition, published in 1992.

In the context of these new legislatures the English Parliament is often referred to as ‘Westminster’.

These devolved governments are dealt with in separate sections.

Her website is internationally recognised and has received several awards, including the Wallace Breem Memorial Award from BIALL (British & Irish Association of Law Librarians) in 2000. In an earlier librarianship role she wrote on the subject of women’s studies.

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There have been significant constitutional reforms since the Labour government came into power in 1997, which make any description of the UK legal system before then out of date.The Labour government immediately instituted a process of devolution, i.e.