Updating a kitchen with oak cabinets

02-Jan-2016 14:35

Once you sand, make sure to thoroughly wipe off all dust with a tack cloth. These aren’t exact figures, so don’t go whip out your measuring spoons, but my point is use a slightly generous amount, but Also, unlike other staining methods, do not wipe it off. Make sure the stain doesn’t glob up on/in corners, that’s when cheesecloth/gauze is handy. Light, thin coats + ample drying time + topcoat= fantastic results. For the coat of poly, follow the manufacturer's instruction (and good judgment) for the drying time. Now, you’ll notice the doors aren’t back on yet, and that’s because I’ve only done 1 side and need to do the other. I’ll update with a lovely photo once I have it all done. I hope you all found this tutorial to be useful in trying to DIY your way from honey oak cabinets into a stunning espresso finish.Basically you want to make sure to get any grime, dust, gooey stuff, dirt, etc. Now, my vanity is obviously in a bathroom, so this step was quick and easy.If you’re prepping kitchen cabinets, you’ll like need to use a sponge and soapy water to get off years of grease and gunk.Once you’re done cleaning, make sure they’re dry and go ahead and remove all the drawers and doors. Well, generally men’s socks are white and tend to be LONG, so it’ll protect your entire forearm from gel stain.I stained my drawers/doors in the garage, so I moved all of that over there. I would say 1 minute per door and 30 seconds per drawer. The glove is meant to protect your hands from being stained an espresso color.

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If there’s an appropriate alternative, I’ll list it.

And trust me, this stuff is oil based, so it stains easily and quickly.

Since I do this all for free out of the goodness of my little heart. This is probably the least fun step, but you must protect your floors, counters, walls, tiles, or any area that may get stain on it.

Otherwise, plan to get exactly what I list to get the same results I did. -Masking tape AND painter’s tape (you could just use painter’s tape, I use masking tape because it’s cheap at Dollar Tree…so in other words, painter’s tape is expensive, so I only use it when I absolutely have to)-General Finishes Java Gel Stain (YOU CANNOT SUBSTITUTE THIS!

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Makes it great for cabinets, not great for anything else. I used painters tape for walls/counters/inside of cabinets and I used masking tape to tape my paper down onto the floor.I used the Lysol dual action wipes because one side is scrubby and the other side is smooth.