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17-May-2016 19:07

Just remember that it has to be updated when Drupal gets updated.

It only requires about 2200 bytes of PHP memory on load (great for those with PHP memory limitations by their shared host and do not want another bloated module) and its more efficient..

This module was created in response to and to simulate sealed comments similar to the whisper function at Vanilla and private comments on blogs at Its just a simple module for sealed comments, so it does not have any of the fancy features proposed in the above discussion. Please install guestbook first before enabling this module or you have to run the 6110 update to have the guestbook table altered.

For Drupal 5, if you do not want to mess with your original comments by adding filter tags to them, take a look at the new version in the issues page: This version requires changing the core comments module but it works much better.

) UPDATE (05 January 2008): Thanks to the Restricted Text module, I found a way to prevent sealed comments from showing by the use of filters.

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Limitations of 5.x-1.x-dev: - Input filter has to be turned on for sealed comments - Any existing comments have to be setup individually after installation - The database is updated with whisper tags only during first view(I do not know how the whisper tags can be added to the form values on submit since form_set_value and changing of values directly does not work) - Uninstall does not remove filter tags from comments(I am not very sure the best way to implement this, can someone help?UPDATE (25 July 2008): Future developments would be for Drupal 6, I have managed to do the module without any hacks, edits or filters to the core stuff and have added an administration page.