Updating bios for dummies

17-Jun-2016 13:08

Keep in mind that changing a PC's BIOS settings incorrectly can cause the PC to malfunction.If this happens, a BIOS reset will need to be performed to return to the default (read: unoptimized) "factory settings." This is usually activated by a jumper on the motherboard, which is easier said then done with many laptops!Also, the A7N8X-E is one of ASUS's most popular models; it's been available for nearly two years, and is still sold today for AMD-based systems.

If its options are set incorrectly, the BIOS could slow your computer down by as much as 40%.

Unfortunately, as new processors and motherboard chipsets are released, BIOS options continue to get even more confusing.

As a result, many seasoned technicians are still baffled by the jargon-laced and confusing options available in a modern computer's BIOS setup program. Each motherboard and/or computer manufacturer utilizes a different BIOS, so we'll cover the steps involved in optimizing the BIOS on an example board, the Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe.

I've chosen this particular motherboard because so many of ASUS's boards are modeled after it.

Without the BIOS, the PC's operating system would have no way to communicate with, or take control of, the hardware.In other words, the BIOS is a crucial component of any computer.

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