Updating black and decker ad925

29-Aug-2015 05:09

The spring-loaded packs eliminate the need to solder any cell and if a cell goes bad makes it very easy to replace the bad cell.

The lithium packs are stuck together with 2-sided tape and then shimmed with foam tape so that it doesn't rattle when the shell is reassembled.

I have 2 Black and Decker line trimmers that uses their 18v nicad "Single Source" HPB18 battery pack. The orange battery packs are the high capacity version, black is standard. After both hi-cap packs went bad I opened them both up and salvaged enough cells to build one and that one worked once and it died too. I bought a rebuilt line trimmer, hi-cap battery and charger for with a 2 year guarantee. There are lithium versions for sale but a single lithium pack is at least and the charger used is over .

To get the higher capacity in the same size cell, the internal separators are thinner and prone to burn through.