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29-Oct-2016 09:30

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This time we will use the Recovery Menu of the PS Vita for installing the firmware (For your information, you navigate with the keys of the Vita inside of the recovery menu, not with the touchscreen! For this type of installation are all 3 firmware images (rel, pre and sd) necessary, thats why the installation takes a bit longer than usually.

Shutdown the PS Vita (Hold the power button and select shutdown).

You should see something like this: Choose the 5th option, update system software.

Next choose update via PC (CMA at your PC should be opened and your Vita should be connected via USB).

Then start the PS Vita while holding this button combination: PS-Button + R + Power button Keep this combination pressed until the Vita starts.

If you've done it correct, you should be in the Vitas recovery menu, if not, try it again.

Now it will "prepare" for a very long time, depending on your internet connection and your download speed.

This method is just for updating a PS Vita with an old firmware, e.g. If you've done everything right, your XML file should be in the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Content Manager Assistant\psp2The last step is the installation of the firmware. Open the settings app at your PS Vita and click at the "system update" option.

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If there are some problems, continue with the last emergency step, which should be working if you've done everything before correct.

Update via PC is not working or does not install the new firmware properly, continue with this last step, the emergency installation!

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