Updating garmin streetpilot c340 ladies dating hotline

20-Dec-2014 01:28

This is an image from a tool called Map Install, but your screen will look similar when selecting the "device" to install the maps on.

So that is the screen you will be looking for AFTER the SD card is installed in your c340.

In case you need a reference, I have a link to Amazon that show these cards and the going prices. By the way, don't waste any money on anything bigger than an 8GB card, as the price tends to go up after 8GB, and you will probably not need anything larger than 8GB.

The installation program should do all the rest of the installation, and enable the map file for your device to use.I have a screen shot below of what the screen will look like where you select the SD card.I figure that something unnecessary is taking up memory, such as Voices or Languages I don't need.I would like to find out how to do some house cleaning. Hi again, OK - I can give you those instructions, BUT with the limited internal memory on these older units, it is very unlikely you will be able to install ALL of the US & Canada maps, and you will have to use a program such as Map Install (click here to get it) to put just a "portion" of the maps on your device.

updating garmin streetpilot c340-55

updating system caches timeout 60sec dont worry nothing fatal

One other note: When you first installed the SD card in the device, you should then connect your device to the computer - via the USB cable - and make sure the computer can "see" the SD card (as a removable storage device). I knew that I could use an external SD card, but I didn't want to.

Please let me know what you find or REPLY if you have more questions. I've loaded the US & Canada maps on this Street Pilot for the years 2010, 2011, 2012 without this problem.

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