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27-Feb-2016 19:35

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This has changed in the past several months, but Rubygems will invoke the latest version of the gem installed in your system, even if your .

This means that invoking executables as normal system executables bypasses bundler's locked dependencies.

I'd be tempted to tell you to nuke it from orbit and fix it later.

updating gem-24

google updating

updating gem-54

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Recently, an upgrade to Rake (from version 0.8.7 to version 0.9.0) has re-raised the issue of dependencies and versioning in the Ruby community.When you install a gem to the system, Rubygems creates wrappers for every executable that the gem makes available.When you run an executable from the command line without bundle exec, this wrapper invokes Rubygems, which then uses the normal Rubygems activation mechanism to invoke the gem's executable.In many cases, this will not pose a problem, because developers of your app tend to have the right version of the system-installed executable.

$ sass -v Haml/Sass 3.0.9 (Classy Cassidy) $ sudo gem uninstall -Iax sass Removing sass Removing sass-convert Removing scss Successfully uninstalled sass-3.2.0.alpha.35 $ sass -v Haml/Sass 3.0.9 (Classy Cassidy) (Was expecting an error here) $ sudo gem install sass --pre Successfully installed sass-3.2.0.alpha.35 1 gem installed Installing ri documentation for sass-3.2.0.alpha.35...

Installing RDoc documentation for sass-3.2.0.alpha.35... $ sass -v Haml/Sass 3.0.9 (Classy Cassidy) Old Edit if you've still got stuff left over it sounds like there's been a manual install, another gem has set something up or you've installed it from a package.

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