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08-Aug-2016 21:48

There’re a few things that we’ve added to the Flash Sales product view: we show how soon the sale ends and also calculate the merchandized discount percentage – which helps you understand how the discount has been merchandised (from MSRP) across different retailers.Like any dashboard, you can save a Flash Sales dashboard.In Market Analytics, when you see the lightning bolt mark against a retailer, you know it’s flash.And when you choose one, the new Flash Sales option becomes automatically available.Every recorded sale is compared against a baseline set of data necessary for the valuation process to commence.The value of books determined by the Rare Book Sale Monitor (RBSM) is achieved by selecting comparable sales and adjusting the prices according to the differences between the comparable sales and the item being evaluated.

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And it’s just as easy to set up alerts to see when something changes, or when there’s something new going on.

Even if you don’t flash, this is important for every retailer and brand.