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Login nodes may be used to edit files, compile/link codes, interact with the batch system (submit, query, etc.), run single-node applications, and launch parallel jobs that should run in the pdebug pool.

In most cases, users do not pick a login node; it is automatically assigned through an aliasing mechanism that distributes users across all available login nodes.

The pdebug pool (when present) is configured to accommodate quick prototyping and debugging of user codes, not production runs.

The number, identity, and usage policies of pdebug nodes are usually different between systems and also can (and do) change.

Job Limits | Interactive Jobs | Batch Jobs | MSUB Options | Bank Management Visualization and Analysis | Tuning and Optimization Shells and Scripting | Storage, Backup, Purge Limits on job size and run duration are imposed on interactive and batch jobs.

See OCF Machine-specific News and Information for interactive and batch job limits for OCF (CZ and RZ) machines.

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(The run and proxy utilities are available to allow connection to the standard in, standard out, and standard error channels of jobs running in batch or elsewhere.

Run must be used in starting the job to be connected to and then proxy can be used in an interactive environment to deal with the messages.

See the man pages for run and proxy for more information.) User documentation for Moab is available from the Computing Resource Management information page.

The Moab Quick Start Guide explains the basic features of Moab.

You can query the system and follow your job status using the following commands. See also Batch versus Interactive for Linux clusters Top The Moab Workload Manager is the batch scheduling system at LC.Moab can be run without terminal access (default), with terminal access via run/proxy, or using the Moab mxterm utility on LC systems.