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23-Apr-2015 06:05

So once you've decided on Garmin as your manufacturer, which model do you choose?Today I'm going to be looking at the Nuvi 610 - a great Sat Nav that features a wide-screen, Bluetooth for hands-free operation, and a bundled TMC Traffic aerial to guide you around queues. You enter destinations via the touch-screen, and the beauty of the widescreen design is that it's so much easier than trying to fiddle with smaller versions, especially if your fingers are on the larger size...As you probably know, its illegal to use your mobile phone while driving your car - so Garmin have included Bluetooth for hands-free operation.Check Garmins website for Phone compatibility and the features it will support.

The Nuvi 610 will then guide you there, powering itself off the internal rechargeable battery.For outdoors types this also means you can use it for simple Geocaching, entering the lat / long of your target.