Updating occupational prestige and socioeconomic scores

20-Jul-2015 11:37

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Preserving this right is just as important today as it was 75 years ago, and, when it comes to child-rearing, might be even more important.

Between 19, the share of children living in households in which all parents work full time doubled from 24.6 percent to 48.3 percent.

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This key FLSA parameter has rarely been updated, nor is it indexed to inflation: The salary threshold has been changed only eight times in 75 years and only once since 1975.The overtime (OT) provisions of the FLSA are also important for employers, who must factor in the added expense when considering their labor costs.Though we reference these costs throughout our analysis, the focus of our paper is a fairly narrow but critical dimension of OT pay: the rules regarding the so-called “white collar exemption,” which excludes from coverage executive, administrative, and professional employees.This change would entitle millions more workers—likely between five and 10 million—to the OT protections in the FLSA.

Simply adjusting the threshold for inflation since 1975—one of our key recommendations—would raise it to 0 per week, equivalent to an annual salary of about ,440 today.1 In the interest of both clarity and meeting the goals of the FLSA to reduce unemployment by spreading work, prevent excessive overtime, and fairly compensate workers who do work overtime, we propose that the administration issue new regulations that establish the following: 1.An OT threshold salary level commensurate with the status, prestige, and value of executives, administrators, and professionals. An inflation adjustment of the salary level tests going forward.