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29-Jul-2016 19:34

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If this sounds completely ridiculous to you, I can understand: switching a distribution like Ubuntu — which, after installing it, will try to leave you with a fully functional desktop that Canonical has designed/put together — because I had to fiddle with it to get everything to work right, Slackware, which has the reputation of being a distribution that leaves you with little to nothing after installing it. This is how it works in my silly, silly brain: if I install an operating system such as Ubuntu, which is made to be easy and simple, and I have to configure basic functions, such as playing audio, it fails for me. The 14.1 release forum page is located here: The technical and -current forum page is located here: Important notes: SL4P is not affiliated in any way with Slackware or Slackware ARM. I distribute this documentation under the GPL 3 license.Please DO NOT contact any of them if you have problems with it. SL4P is not affiliated in any way with Open Pandora Gmb H or Open Pandora Ltd. if you're a Linux noob, and you're scared by this Wiki page, check this simple tutorial from F_Slim. Note: if you are one of the last windows users, you can install SL4P using the method nicely provided by ingoreis. Please DO NOT contact any of them if you have problems with it. slapt-update-service places an icon in the user's notification area when updates are available. Slackware is not the first distribution most people will look at, when looking for a Linux distribution. The first version I installed was probably 7 or 7.1 (as Shadow X kindly pointed out in the comments, there is no such thing as Slackware 6.), but I can’t be sure, because that’s a long time ago. This started with the first or second Ubuntu release (4.10 or 5.02). Then, Canonical’s course with Ubuntu started to cause problems for me. There was the move to Pulse Audio that resulted in sound not working, until I could fix that (but nowadays this shouldn’t be an issue — it wasn’t for me in later releases).slapt-get is an APT like system for Slackware package management.

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It turned out that the graphics card in the workstation I used at the time, a Quadro4, was no longer on the list of supported cards of the driver (the proprietary driver from Nvidia). I’ve also had X break after an upgrade because Ubuntu switched to (or from) xrandr and it wouldn’t play nice with my video driver and/or hardware.My relationship with Ubuntu started to show some cracks, and eventually the switch from Gnome to Unity made me decide that Ubuntu might be moving in a direction I didn’t particularly care for, even though I would still advise other people to try Ubuntu if they were looking at trying out “Linux”. ) options, I decided to go back to Slackware on the desktop.

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