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30-Dec-2014 20:53

You could also point to other SLES repositories, without having to edit any configuration files.You’ll especially need the time if this is a newly installed machine, or one that hasn’t been updated in a very long time, or if you have a slow connection.One way to shorten your update time is to build your own repository, and synch it with other mirror sites.With a little fiddling around, you can schedule a file synch between your YOU server and the available Novell repositories, to update your machines by pointing them to your own internal update server.As things are always changing, newer versions of Red Hat and Open Su SE use an open source utility called yum (for Yellow Dog Updater, Modified) which works with RPM based installations and updates.As opposed to the YOU server mentioned above, this utility is the client end of Su SE’s patch management tool.

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Yum has been slowly replacing up2date in the Red Hat/Fedora realm, while also being reworked in Su SE’s Linux versions.

Even though you can run yum from a command line, various graphical tools have been created to facilitate the update operation making it easier to keep your machines up to date.

That way, if your own repository is on your network, your updates will not have to cross numerous other ones to get to your Linux machine, significantly speeding up the patching process.

In this case, Su SE Enterprise Linux Server 9 gave you the option of configuring a Ya ST Online Update (YOU) server using its Ya ST management tool.

You can install single or multiple packages using YUM (Yellow Dog Updater, Modified).

In versions 7, 8 and 9 of Su SE’s Enterprise Linux Server, Su SE’s main administrative utility Ya ST (short for Yet another Setup Tool) has a subcomponent called Ya ST Online Update or YOU.