Updating the theory of mutation 100 big people dating sites

28-Mar-2015 21:45

Darwin's ideas caused a lot of controversy, and this continues today, because they can be seen as conflicting with religious views about the creation of the world and the creatures in it.The basic idea behind the theory of evolution is that all the different species have evolved from simple life forms.Charles Darwin was an English naturalist who studied variation in plants and animals during a five-year voyage around the world in the 19th century.He explained his ideas on evolution in a book called, 'On the Origin of Species', published in 1859.Life on Earth today exists because of the conditions that were present when life was evolving.If, in the past, conditions had been different eg hotter, colder, or the Earth more or less massive, then evolution by natural selection could have produced some very different results.Our bodies would have changed to suit the Earth's conditions.

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You need to remember that variation can be caused by both genes and the environment.

But it is only variation caused by genes that can be passed on to the next generation.

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