Updating to windows service pack 3

11-Mar-2016 11:34

The minimum system requirements for SP2 are a 233 MHz processor, 64 Megabytes of RAM and 1.8 Gigabytes of disk space.

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updating to windows service pack 3-33

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The Service Packs modify the way Windows works and the way it looks.If you choose "Settings" from the "Start" menu, and then "Control Panel", and then double-click on "System" you will see the "System Properties" window, and this will tell you which version of Windows you have.It will also tell you whether you have installed any of the service packs that have been issued for Windows.So far, two service packs have been issued for Windows XP.

These updates, often known as "patches", are issued regularly by Microsoft.

Periodically, Microsoft gathers together a whole sequence of patches and bundles them up in what it calls a "Service Pack".

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