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I’ve placed data labels on the charts to help show their behavior when empty cells (and other non-numeric fillers) are included in the source data.Plotting With Empty Cells The default behavior for most charts is to treat an empty cell by leaving a gap on the chart.A date scale on the secondary category axis aligns these points above each other to produce the vertical-sided gap.A more suitable appearance for an area chart would be one that leaves a real gap, with vertical edges, as below.To get this I had to make a two-axis chart, with a hidden series on the primary axis to provide the A-B-C category axis labels, and an area chart on the secondary axis, with two points at the second category (Y=4 and zero) and two at the fourth category (Y=zero and 8).Column charts offer only the gap and zero options for empty cells.Interpolating makes no sense in a column chart, which has discrete bars for each actual data value.

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Excel offers a few ways to deal with empty cells in a chart’s source data range.

This is the cause of much confusion, especially over the definition of “empty cells”. Plotting Without Empty Cells Here are some typical Excel charts, to remind us what they look like with fully populated data ranges.

Here are XY and Line charts that show how this looks. You can instead have Excel treat blanks as zeros (which in general is deceiving, since empty cells mean the absence of a value, not a value of zero). You can also tell Excel to interpolate over the missing data point. Purists may say that the interpolation option may cause readers to think there is data along the line that spans the gap.

Maybe so, but if the line or XY chart plots actual data points with markers, this is less of a risk.

The chart with a gap has no data label at the gap, the chart with zeros has a zero data label.If we change the vertical axis so that the horizontal axis crosses below zero, we see that the first chart has no data point (bar) corresponding to the gap, but the second has a point (bar) with a value of zero.