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29-May-2015 02:11

What you don't expect is that the manufacturer will remotely cause the device to stop functioning unless you agree to be bound by new legal terms governing your relationship with them.

Yet this is how Nintendo's update to its end-user license agreement (EULA) for the Wii U works, as described by Youtube user "AMurder0f Crows" in this video.

The Wii U provides no such option: once the EULA update is in your system, it holds the device hostage until you agree to Nintendo's demands. Last month, the New York Times reported that some auto loans are accompanied by "starter interrupter" devices that can shut down your car if you're a few days late with a payment or drive out of a designated area.

People were suddenly prevented from driving their children to the doctor, stranded when they tried to escape domestic abuse, and in some cases had their cars deactivated while they were on the road.

Instead, according to his video, the Wii U provides no option to decline the update, and blocks any attempt to access games or saved information by redirecting the user to the new EULA.

The only way to regain the use of the device is to click "Agree." Console users have good reason to want the power to refuse updates.

You expect to be able to open it up, mess with it, and improve it.

At the very least, you expect it to continue to work for its intended purpose.

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This downgrade eliminated important functionality, but at least users could refuse the update (though the DRM imposed onerous restrictions even then).

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