Updating x font indexes

22-Aug-2015 23:02

initrd = /boot/So that it looks something like this: # Linux bootable partition config begins image = /boot/vmlinuz initrd = /boot/root = /dev/sda2 label = Linux read-only # Linux bootable partition config ends While I'm at it, I shorten the timeout to 2 seconds (default is 2 minutes).(This is the timeout before the first entry boots.) Here's what the line should look like if you want only 2 seconds: timeout = 20 (Default is: timeout = 1200) Run lilo to write the bootloader with changes to MBR: lilo Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed Added Linux + * One warning was issued.Once the browse function is chosen, the user can select the category of software to view.The next two projects are setting up slackpkg and sbopkg: 1) slackpkg is an automated tool for managing Slackware Linux packages and is installed by default. The slackware-security mailing list is for announcements relating to security issues.Any exploits or other vulnerabilities pertaining to Slackware will get posted to this list. It is a command-line and dialog-based tool to interact with the the contents of the local cache directory where source tarballs are saved, display the permanent build log, and browse or search the local copy of the SBo repository.If you get errors in the output, go over what you've done and figure out what you didn't do, or where you went wrong. ware-14.0/ or 14.1 You have to do "slackpkg update" The "update" action will download and format the list of files and packages in Slackware.After a reboot we should be running the generic kernel. But the most useful task is keeping your install up-to-date: slackpkg update;slackpkg upgrade-all BTW; There are two mail lists of interest to Slackware users: slackware-announce and slackware-security It is a low traffic, moderated list.The links I referred to in the presentation, (in no particular order):

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There is obviously a lot more to Slackware than what I covered in the presentation so if you have any questions, email or call and I'll be glad to discuss in more detail.One point we touched on but did not fully cover is starting the Xserver from command line, (from runlevel 3). xtartx will start your default window manager or desktop environment as was set during install, by default, it will be kde, but the choice is ours.

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