Validating css and xhtml

04-Aug-2015 21:04

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On its bad days, you might try the validator at Validate your HTML, CSS, and other Web file types with these HTML validators.

It wasn't always like that and it might've gotten better since I last checked.

I haven't been using it to check CSS as often as I used to, so I can't speak on how well it's doing now.

This version passes the W3C check for XHTML 1.0 Strict and fails the precise TV check with the following one error.

I believe this might be official for the WHATWG standard of HTML5. The HTML validator is for HTML 2 to HTML5 (including XHTML 1, 1.1, and various profiles; HTML5 is a little experimental though, but it's probably the best for XHTML5.), RDFa, any custom XML* language with an embedded DTD, Math ML, SVG and SMIL.The CSS validator goes up to level 2 and some of level 3. No, it does not mean that I am not programming anymore! I bet you can not imagine what is my new mysterious passion. A request for help on an SQL query This guy is asking for help on a single query of… Read More Whether you’re self-employed or working for the stingy nasty boss, you probably feel sometimes bored and, well… You are a coder, you feel the real power we all share and are proud of, that ability to create things starting from a dream, but man! Let me share with you my humble conclusions on how to be a happy coder and challenge you on something.

Can you validate CSS files, in the same way you validate HTML and XHTML files?Yes, you can validate both in the official W3C website: - HTML and more: - CSS: - Also RDF: For HTML HTML5 though, you might get best results at because it's usually updated as the standard is.