Validating customs power of attorney

13-Feb-2016 05:05

If the importer of record chooses not to do these things it must appoint an agent to act on its behalf.

That agent must be a licensed customs broker and must be authorized by a power of attorney granted in its favor.

You can use the complete CF5291, a modified version of the CF5291, or create your own power of attorney – as long as it contains the required information.

The power of attorney must be executed (that means “signed”) by an officer of the importer of record.

” The CF5291 is printed in a very small size font and uses some archaic and difficult to read language.

The CF5291 power of attorney authorizes a customs broker to make entry on behalf of the importer, plus a number of other things, such as endorse bills of lading, sign bonds, make other declarations, receive and endorse checks and appoint subagents.

This usually means the President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer.

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updating tversity

Some years ago, when I was the export-import manager at an aerospace company, I sent a customs broker power of attorney on Customs Form 5291 to the Corporate Secretary for execution.She called me soon thereafter to ask “do we really want the customs broker to do all these things?

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