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I did mine before the checkboxes because I wanted the error message to appear above the boxes, but since the CF is only triggered on the form submit, it will execute second.By Dan Mabbutt While working on a program recently, I needed to guarantee that some text input contained only numbers. Visible = False End Sub This works better and it's shorter. But if, for some reason, you have to use the Input Box, here's a followup article that explains how to solve one main problem.I haven't actually tried to write a loop like this since VB.You must make sure your checkboxes have the same names, but different values.Then just make a check to see if that name has a value or not.

I created a quick form with a Text Box, a Button, and two labels occupying the same location to report the answer by making one or the other visible. Click If -- Test for numeric characters -- lbl Not Int. Visible = True End Sub Private Sub Test String In_Text Changed( By Val sender As System. All the tests were similar to this: Private Sub btn Validate String_Click( By Val sender As System. To String, "Grade Calculator", "Enter Grade") If str_input Grade = String. Show("Nothing entered" & vb New Line & "Please enter a grade", "Error", Message Box Buttons. Information) Else If Not Is Numeric(str_input Grade) Then Message Box.Show( "Input is not a numeric grade" & vb New Line & "Please enter a numeric grade", "Error", Message Box Buttons. Information) Else dec_grade = CDec(str_input Grade) If dec_grade It works, but the code is "brittle".

(The app required the user to enter a numeric serial number.) I bingled the web for a while to see if anyone had any better ideas about how to do it than I did and I discovered (Yet again!! This article covers the common recommendations and then the one I recommend. But if you're going to do it this way, why not use the technology invented to do it: Regular Expressions.

(Which actually isn't very common.)First, some code to test the validation. (I have a more complete tutorial on Reg Ex here: Regular Expressions in VB.