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18-Oct-2016 19:28

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You Tube after initially being about viral videos that just entertain is now much more than that, with the “” category being the fastest growing segment on the social video sharing channel.You Tube is even being used as a tool to teach high level mathematics and other academic and tertiary subjects with Salman Khan of revealing at a recent Ted Talk, how his 2,000 plus You Tube videos are assisting students pass university degrees.Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.The advancements in web and mobile app development are significant, but today’s ads haven’t kept up with the pace of innovation.Most ad technology focuses on targeting consumers and largely ignores the creative itself—resulting in poorly performing campaigns and a less-than-satisfactory user experience. Flite’s all-in-one platform means you can see the ad building process through from start to finish.

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The problem is that most ads are disruptive, unhelpful, and ultimately displeasing to consumers. Measure comprehensive performance metrics across your campaign.Flite offers a technology platform to empower professional advertisers to deliver ads that live up to the expectations of their audience. Finally, build apps and integrate into your ads within minutes.