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12-Jan-2016 05:14

It was a terribly hot afternoon with the mercury in the thermometer resting around one hundred and twenty five degrees Fahrenheit. I had spent the last seven days in this heat, ministering in …

You are smart, capable and self-sufficient, but nobody appreciates you.

She has blue eyes and straight, blonde hair framing her face cut in an asymmetrical bob style with the front bangs reaching her shoulders.

She wears a very low-cut outfit which displays her sizeable cleavage, with mesh armour underneath, a short skirt and red hand guards, high boots, and what appears to be a modified Kumogakure flak jacket that covers her stomach only, similar to a girdle.

As opposed to her too talkative and rather impulsive, one-time teammates and hot-headed brother, Samui is mature, calm, and generally silent, only speaking when needed.

She also has a tantō strapped horizontally to her lower back.

The Festival has been divided into Four Zones based on four themes.… continue reading »

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