Videobedava xx caml sohbet

01-Nov-2014 22:07

I am also not sure it is a good idea to mix the CAML and OData query methods.Hi Patrick, We can use the XML to specify the fields to return, the filters, and the orderby. If anyone knows a way to do that in caml that would be great.I've got it almost ready in my branch by adding the 'caml; method to lists.js: public caml(caml: string): Queryable Collection { debugger; let items = new Items(this); items._caml = caml; return items; } and then i'm overriding the get method there as well: public get(): Promise { if (this._caml !== "") { return;// need to add logic to format post request } return super.get(); } Appears you are correct in that expand is not supported.Can you not use the View XML to specify the fields to return?You should be able to fully describe the query using that xml.In one of my queries I have this: var url = Host Api Url("Web/Lists/Get By Title('" + list Title + "')/getitems?$expand=Content Type, Folder, Folder/Parent Folder, File, File/Parent Folder, Role Assignments, Role Assignments/Role Definition Bindings, Role Assignments/Member, Role Assignments/Member/Users, Role Assignments/Member/Groups, Role Assignments/Member/User Id"); var caml = " I'm passing in a Caml query and also using $expand and $select.

I We could make it so that We can use a Caml query and also be able to use $select and $expand.I think I would want to do code something like this: $web.By Title('Style Library').caml(q).select('Title').expand('Role Assignments').get() The issue is you have to do a POST request for the caml query, it doesn't work with get per the docs.