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26-Jul-2015 09:06

Within 15 minutes, the video shows Moazzam Tariq pour vodka in the woman's mouth three times, slap her butt and then help her to her feet, supporting her as she stumbles across the dance floor and out of the Everleigh at a.m. in which you see Tariq and the then 25-year-old complainant walk into the hotel.

The Brampton, Ont., man was charged with sexual assault two weeks after the encounter with the woman, after she reported to police she had no memory of consenting to sex. Witkin also submitted as evidence in the trial surveillance video taken from the Thompson Hotel at a.m.

His arm is wrapped around her waist and she's leaning heavily against him as the pair enters.

But people’s responses to the video is what propelled it to a top trending topic on both Facebook and Twitter, Business Insider reports.

The Mc Chicken video had thousands of responses on social media, with most people expressing disgust.

Celebrities like Seth Rogan and Chrissy Teigen even had something to say about the #Mc Chicken fiasco.

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Although not grotesque, the viral nature of the Mc Chicken video is similar to when Starbucks released plain red cups in light of the holiday season last winter.

Many customers were irked by this, saying that the coffee chain was dismissing Christmas as a Christian holiday via the unadorned cups.

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