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All the while approaching circuitry as a craft in itself and using smart materials, electronics and conductive traces as aesthetic components.The intersection of electronics, smart materials and traditional crafts represents a new opportunity for creative and artistic expression.:: materials 101 :: light diffusing acrylic :: DIY magnetic ink :: materials 101 :: heat reactive polymers :: materials 101 :: thermochromic :: materials 101 :: UV reactive :: materials 101 :: electrotextiles :: connecting hardware & softwear on soft(er) circuits :: light-up handshake glove :: materials 101 :: EL wire :: materials 101 :: quantum tunnelling composite :: materials 101 :: hot glue I'm co-founder of Everywhere Tech (open source technology transfer), open Materials (open source and DIY experimentation with smart materials) and alt Lab (Lisbon's hackerspace); member of NYC Resistor; co-chair of the Open Hardware Summit 2012; research chair at OSHWA; TED Fellow.I research open-source practices as a phd candidate at FCSH-UNL and a visiting scholar at ITP-NYU.All images and “+ info @ …” on the slideshow are linked to the corresponding resources or projects’ websites. This talk goes over a series of projects, by diverse artists and experimenters, that combine new and old materials to create unusual electronics and interactive objects.

This class covers the basics of electronics-enhanced paper projects, discuss several relevant projects and techniques, and make a circuit on paper with hand-made switches and LEDs. In three hours participants learn the basics of soft circuits and make something fun to bring home, such as a light-up badge or a voodoo doll (devised by Raphael Abrams).

Taught at NYC Resistor, ITP-NYU, World Maker Faire, Indiana University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and several other events and locations.

For inquiries about speaking engagements, please contact the Lavin agency.

—————————————————————————— Eclipse Con 2014 (San Francisco, USA) – March 19, 2014 Talk: From Bits to Atoms and Back Interaction South America (Recife, Brazil) – November 16, 2013 Talk: Designing for Hackability Elevate Festival (Graz, Austria) – October 26, 2013 Q&A: Open Materials Zoom Symposium @ Indiana University (Bloomington, USA) – October 19, 2013 Lecture (private event): Tech Crafts Breaker: The Future of Stuff (NYC, USA) – June 19, 2013 Talk (private event): Hacking Manufacturing GE’s Leading & Learning 2013 (Ossining, USA) – May 13 to 15, 2013 Panel: Manufacturing’s Next Chapter Seoul Digital Forum (Seoul, South Korea) – May 2, 2013 Talk w/ Marcin Jakubowski: Open Source and Beyond – Collaborative Development Towards an Economy of Meaning Free Culture Conference 2013 (NYC, USA) – April 20, 2013 Panel w/ Alicia Gibb, Nathan Seidle, Trystram Spiro-Costello: Makers, Hackers and the Worlds they Build TEDx O’Porto (Porto, Portugal) – April 13, 2013 Talk: The Open Source Industrialists Frog Design (NYC, USA) – November 15, 2012 Talk (private event): Smart Materials for DIY Projects Linux Con Europe (Barcelona, Spain) – November 7, 2012 Talk: Open Source Hardware Ouishare @ Fab Lab Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) – November 5, 2012 Talk: Open Materials Panel w/ Tomas Diez, Simone Cicero & Benjamin Tincq: Towards the Third Industrial Revolution: distributed manufacturing and open collaboration Orange Institute (NYC, USA) – October 25, 2012 Talk w/ Dustyn Roberts: The State of Open Source Hardware TEDx Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden) – October 22, 2012 Talk: What We Can Learn from Hackerspaces GE Garages @ Story (NYC, USA) – October 17, 2012 Talk & Workshop: Smart Materials for DIY Projects World Maker Faire (NYC, USA) – September 30, 2012 Talk: Smart Materials for DIY Projects Talk w/ Dustyn Roberts: The State of Open Source Hardware Open Knowledge Festival – September 20, 2012 Panel: Gender and Open Hardware HOPE Number 9 (NYC, USA) – July 15, 2012 Talk w/ Dustyn Roberts: The State of Open Source Hardware TED Global 2012 (Edinburgh, Scotland) – June 2012 Mainstage talk: Open Materials TED fellows talk: Open Source Hardware ITP-NYU Camp 2012 (NYC, USA) – June 2012 Talk: Smart Materials for DIY Projects Workshop: Paper Circuits Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 (Bay Area, USA) – May 20, 2012 Talk: Smart Materials for DIY Projects MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop (Palo Alto, USA) – May 16, 2012 Talk: Open Materials OH / DC (Washington, USA) – April 20, 2012 Panel w/ David Mellis, Alicia Gibb, Ann Marie Thomas, Ayah Bdeir, Leah Buechley, Bunnie Huang, Nathan Seidle, Michael Weinberg: Open Source Hardware School of the Arts Institute of Chicago (Chicago, USA) – March 2012 Talk: The Age of Openness Indiana University (Bloomington, USA) – November 2011 Talk: Open Materials Workshop: Soft Circuits Workshop: Edible Pianos ACM Creativity & Cognition 2011 (Atlanta, USA) – November 2011 Talk: The Rise of Digital Fabrication ITP-NYU (NYC, USA) – September 2011 Talk: Smart Materials for DIY Projects Open Hardware Summit 2011 (NYC, USA) – September 2011 Talk: Smart Materials for DIY Projects ITP-NYU Camp 2011 (NYC, USA) – June 2011 Panel w/ Ayah Bdeir, Alicia Gibb, Bre Pettis & Zach Hoeken: Open Source Hardware École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence (Aix-en-Provence, France) – March 2011 Talk: Smart Materials for DIY Projects Ciência 2010 (Lisbon, Portugal) – July 2010 Poster: Hackerspaces École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence (Aix-en-Provence, France) – February 2010 Talk: Thinking Outside the PCB Codebits 2009 (Lisbon, Portugal) – November 2009 Talk: Open Source 3D Printing 4th Inclusiva-Net Meeting, Medialab Prado (Madrid, Spain) – July 2009 Talk w/ Kirsty Boyle: Open Materials, P2P theory in practice Futurartes (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal) – June 2009 Talk: Collaborative Creativity This talk gives an overview of a few special materials, most of which are available commercially and can be used on DIY projects.

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