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11-Dec-2015 12:34

This command will print the path name of the corresponding kernel file, keytable file, initial ramdisk file, root specification, or "append=" string ("i", "k", "r", "R", or "a" option).

The "D" option ignores the label parameter and prints the default "image=" label, or the first "image=" label is selected if no default image is set.

If interrupted, the .) If is then take this file to be a configuration file to set bitmap graphic parameters, which are transferred into the LILO header in the bitmap file of the same name.

When a file is modified using a graphics editor (e.g. It can be restored using the dat file, which is used as a text-based backup for the LILO header information. -F Override boot sector check for filesystems (e.g., swap, ext4, xfs ...) which might be destroyed by the installation of the LILO boot sector on the first sector of the partition if these filesystems use the first sector as a superblock.

-b Set the delay time in tenths of a second ('20' = 2 sec) before automatically booting the first image.

warning not updating lilo etclilo conf not found-1

dns is not updating

Whether the actual OS in the partition will boot from a logical partition depends on the characteristics of the OS.

LILO boot records for Linux may be booted from a logical partition.

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