Weather australia widget not updating linq updating records

14-Mar-2016 11:27

weather australia widget not updating-17

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Hi Guys, Over the past few days my current location on the HTC weather app/widget is not updating and I cant get any info on my location such as current temp, high and low temps. Have done a factory reset and checked all settings.When I try to sync it manually I get an error saying, "The connection dropped while your weather information was downloading." My network reception is working fine, I even tried it on Wi-Fi and that didn't even work. Seems to have happened before in other parts of the world.

Not sure if this helps, but I removed the weather app widget quite a while ago.The URL should be the page where the 36 hour weather widget will live on your website.I switched to an app called 'AU Weather' that gets its data from the BOM.Well, at least the good news is that this is a common problem with HTC phones in Australia...

weather widget under the time shows my location but nothing about the weather. Yet if I go into the weather widget, add Cairns in manually and scroll to it, it will show me the current weather info.Link the Current Weather Widget to the 36 Hour Weather Widget by adding a URL.