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They do this to make sure you believe them, but think about it. They try to exaggerate how close you are by leaning forward when they lie. Your spouse seems to want danger or thrills in his/her life. There is considerably less intimacy in your relationship. Then use the instructions provided in the order email to view the results. Allow the software to run for three to four days if possible. If they were honest, they would have the confidence to give just one reason. They make mistakes in the story and try to cover it and it causes them to stumble in their speech. If your spouse touches their nose a lot when you are communicating, then there is likely a problem.

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Their stories are too complex, structured, polished or complete. Step Four: Wait It may be days before you find the evidence you need. This especially holds true in a situation where they have to think of lies quickly. They have to come up with lies fast and they hesitate. Step Six: Learn the Truth As you view results you will learn whether or not your spouse is telling you the truth about what they do online. If they are cheating then is your relationship worth saving?

Use the appropriate instructions included with the product to review the results. Step Five: View the Results The results can be viewed by pressing a secret set of keys, receiving emails or opening a web page.