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07-Mar-2015 08:01

The typical affair used to start in the office and move to a seedy motel room, but the vast reach of the Internet has brought infidelity into many couples’ homes over the past decade.

The growth in steamy chat room conversations and cybersex also has triggered a rethinking of the meaning of infidelity.

”Masturbating in public spaces has become an epidemic in NYC.

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At Hot Octopuss we are all about looking for new solutions to improve everyday life and we feel we’ve done just that with the new Guy Fi booth.

We hope the city’s men enjoy using the space we’ve created in whatever way they want. all that we ask is they thank us when they get their promotion!

Times Square—or as the locals called it, 40-Deuce—used to be their Disneyland littered with 25 cent peep shows, sex shops, adult theaters, and prostitutes.

London-based sex toy company Hot Octopuss is trying to restore that feeling.

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