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In this article, we’ll go through the following steps: Note (see comments for more information) : depending on your device, this routine might not work for you.In some cases, devices cannot be put into streaming mode if no buffer is queued.A few months ago, I came across a blog post dating back to 2013, which described the basics of v4l2, and how to capture a video frame from a camera in Linux.However, this article was missing a few pieces, and since practical (and simple) examples of v4l2 examples are really rare online, I thought I’d publish an article about it.v4l2 stands for Video For Linux 2, the second version of the V4L API and framework.As opposed to many driver implementations, the v4l2 framework is made an integral part of the Linux kernel code.This static integration has been criticised by pro-BSDs, and several analogue projects were created for V4L2 on BSD (such as Video4BSD), however nothing came to an end (yet).

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In this case, you’ll have to queue a buffer, switch streaming on, dequeue/queue in a loop, and switch streaming off.More information about this will be given further down.Once you’ve understood the general mechanism, and know a few IOCTLs, you’ll be able to manipulate your camera with a certain ease.Aside from the parts strictly related to device communication, v4l2 expects you to rely on a few other system calls.

The API is also capable of handling other kind of devices such as TV tuners, but we’ll stick to webcams here.This API is mostly implemented as a set of IOCTL calls for you to make to your video devices.

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